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Famous Letter Writer Recover the Poetry of Pop

by Chris Farnsworth, Seven Days (full article)


"The opposite of pop is pop," says M. Devine, while sitting in a coffee shop on a recent Friday — the 13th, no less. As his eyes search the street outside, he adds, "What people think of as pop, that's not all that it is."

Devine, who is clad in denim and nursing the remains of his drink, speaks in succinct, cryptically poetic passages. That's also how he writes songs. "The DNA of pop is poetry," he says. "Poetry's burden is the refrain, and so is pop's."

The intersection of pop and poetry is a concept close to Devine's heart. That he straddles those two worlds is evident in Famous Letter Writer's recently released demo mixtape — simply titled Mixtape — which fuses Devine's hyper-literate musings with his wife, Julia Devine's, gorgeously crafted arrangements. A forthcoming full-length will likely explore and embrace that union even further...



by Griffin Kelly (full article)

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